Small Group Healing Sessions

Due to my busy schedule and time constraints I have pondered how to see more clients as there are only so many one on one appointments I’m able to do . I wish I could expand time!

So I was inspired to offer small group healing sessions. These will be intimate groups of 4 people. I allow up to an hour and a half

My Golden Light guides will transmit group healing which will hold the intention of specific individual healing and areas of concern. We will be working on physical and emotional pain. I set the energy up before the time so the space is prepared and vibration high as well as tune in to everyone to connect with your energy

You will individually receive a healing flower essence transmission with a message from the elementals. Each person will receive their own message related to the flower essence that is chosen for them

Towards the end of our session each person will receive an intuitive message.

Cost: £50 per person 

If you have a group of friends who would be interested, please contact me.

Please email if you’re interested and I will keep your details on file until I have the amount of people and then dates and times will be decided. You can send me a brief description of any physical emotional or life issues and limiting beliefs you wish to work with on the session.